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Old 03-18-2017, 08:14 AM
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Default Spring break for Clemson students

Let's hear some stories of you spring breaks as a Clemson student. I sure remember some great times in Florida on several of my spring breaks as a student. Not sure I can share all that went down in case my kids are reading the board... And Barb don't be letting Pesty on here to share..
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Old 03-20-2017, 09:19 AM
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Default Re: Spring break for Clemson students

20 years ago....I turned 21 the very first day of Spring Break down in Panama City. Got to watch our bball team make a run to the sweet 16 and thought we were headed to the elite 8 after going up 6 to start OT vs Minnesota but that fell through along with my buddies foot through the outside trash can which led to a bunch of police officers...I digress.

Met a group from Indiana University staying next to us and partied with them all week.

Lots of spoons for funnels.

I won the wager with how many times one of our friends would p the bed that week at 2 so that was nice.

One guy got his stereo stolen so that sucked for their ride home. One guy left his car running all night so that sucked b/c we had to push it to the gas station.

Went karaokeing for the very first time which was quite entertaining.

One guy hooked up with this girl in a bath tub with the water running for some reason which led to water everywhere in our room. Completely soaking one guy's clothes for the week. I thought it was funny...but then again it wasn't my clothes.

There was a tiki bar on the beach out front of our condo which ended up being the place of choice to hang out for most of the week just due to convenience.

Most of us took a push pin and dipped it into alcohol and pierced both of our ears so we could double hoop it for the week for some reason. The pirate look was in.

Hangovers weren't that bad but they never were back then. Ahh to be 21 again....
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