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Old 12-14-2014, 09:01 PM
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Default A Small Christmas Tree

Not only did I find a lovely young lady who became my wife, but I inherited a super Mother-in-law (MIL). During Christmas, she didn't want a scrawny 10 foot tree, she wanted one that would touch the 13 foot ceiling. her home was one of those old houses that originally had a 16 foot ceiling, bur when it was remodeled, the ceiling was dropped to 13 feet. The living room was huge and a large tree fit in the room perfectly.

My wife and I had married in early September, 1947 and were students at the University of Florida. My wife's home was about 23 miles from Gainesville. No one in that area ever bought a shipped in tree. Along every fence row and beneath the power and telephone lines were cedars. Farmers were glad for the locals to cut the trees. My MIL asked my wife and I to come over one Saturday in early December to help get a tree. My father-in-laws job had him out of town that day so there was my wife and I, my MIL and my wife's younger sister.

We loaded up the car with an axe, saw and enough rope to hog-tie 10 mules, and off we went in search of the perfect tree. We were driving down a dirt road when I spotted a beautiful cedar which was probably 9 - 10 feet tall and suggested that it appeared to be a beautiful tree. My MIL said it was too small. As most of you are aware, a tree looks small until you stand beside it. Well, off we went down the road. A short time later my MIL says, "stop the car Joe, that's the tree I want". I took a quick look at the tree she pointed to and what I saw was a monster. I said to my MIL that tree looked like a saw-log to me. She insisted that was the tree she wanted and I knew in situations such as this, the MIL rule applies. I got out the saw and after several minutes the tree came crashing down Fortunately it was beside the road and on a slight incline. I cut off some of the trunk because I knew that tree would never fit in that 13 foot ceiling.

Somehow, the four of us finally got the tree on top of the car. I took some rope and tied the trunk end to the front bumper and the rear part of the tree to the back bumper. Next, I rolled down the back windows, ran a rope through the windows and over the tree and tied the rope as tight as we could get it. The tree extended past the front bumper and way past the rear bumper.

As we drove back home through the town I knew everyone that saw my MIL's car and that tree on top were probably thinking, "there goes Mrs. D. and her small Christmas tree".

We arrived back at my MIL's house with no problem. I untied all the ropes and the tree fell to the ground without any help from us. I went to the tool box in the garage and got my father-in-law's tape. The tree measured 18 feet. I told my MIL we could take out some of the ceiling tiles so the tree top would be in the attic. She always put an angel at the top of the tree so I told her if we ran the tree into the attic the angel would be closer to heaven.

I cut off more of the tree and somehow we managed to get the tree to the front of the house, up about 8 or 9 steps, through the door and into the living room. We raised the tree and discovered I had made a mistake. I had not accounted for the tree stand so I had to saw off more of the trunk. We finally got the tree up and when we put the angel on top, she was touching the ceiling. I knew a tree that size could topple over very easy so we must have strung 100 feet of fishing line to hold that tree in place.

I must admit it was a beautiful tree and when it was fully decorated it seemed like there were a zillion trinkets on the tree and I don't know how many lights

When classes were dismissed for the Christmas holidays my wife and I went to her home for the holidays and had a grand Christmas. Every New Year's Eve, my in-laws had friends in for my MIL's famous egg nog. Later in the evening it became relative quiet for a few moments and my MIL said, "Joe, I'm glad we didn't run the tree up into the attic, the angel looks just fine where she is". She burst out in laughter and then had to explain to her friends the story about her small Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!!!!!
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Old 12-15-2014, 06:00 AM
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Default Re: A Small Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Joe
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