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Joe21 04-30-2015 10:07 AM

A Strange Feeling
Recently I purchased a cap indicating I was a "WW2 & Korea Veteran" Also on the cap are several ribbons denoting the war theaters. I put the cap on my desk, took a look at the cap and a strange feeling overwhelmed me. It seemed as though a flood of memories flashed before my eyes. The "WW2 & Korea Veteran" wasn't just me, it was the millions of men and women who served during those two wars, many of whom never came home and others who came home with physical and mental injuries. Many of these were my friends and buddies. When I purchased the cap it was only to denote I had served during both wars. In retrospect, that appears to be a selfish or self-serving motive. And then the thought occurred, when I wear that cap, I can truly feel I had the opportunity and privilege to serve with some real heroes. I will wear this cap in their honor.

Over 16 million men and women served in the armed forces during WW2. Only about five percent still survive, many of whom have physical and/or mental problems. If they served during the WW2 hostilities, the youngest veteran would be at least 88. There may a few who enlisted at age less than 18 who would be younger.

drinkoj 04-30-2015 12:54 PM

Re: A Strange Feeling
I understand your thought process of this being a selfish act, but it actually is a selfless act because when a person sees this it reminds them of the conflict, resolve, and sacrifice of so many that were involved went through. And rarely is the person wearing it as a "ME ME ME" item, it's to point out that people should never forget the past, as it helps us create a better future.

When I see such hats being worn or service ribbon worn on sports jackets (seen this only twice), I take the time to go up and offer my hand to say thanks for their service like many do. Plus it sometimes can start up a great conversation that has nothing to do with the wars, but about the reasons your at "XYZ" event/place.

Tiger80 04-30-2015 01:40 PM

Re: A Strange Feeling
Joe, thank you for your service.

I will be going to a ceremony in Clemson to honor my Great Uncle. He was killed in action in WW I. He attended Clemson for two years. He was my father's namesake (WW2 and Korea).

* They found his name on a class roster from the early 1900s. The ceremony only awards Clemson students that were killed in action.
You do not have to have completed your degree. I am not sure anyone in our family knew he attended Clemson because he died before my dad or any of my aunts or uncles were born.

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