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SpillerForHeisman 12-09-2009 12:23 PM

Concerns for 2010
- Have to start at LB. LB play was not good the past two games and we lose two starters in Alexander and Connor. Maye should be improved, but he did not play well against Tech. Need some of the young guys to step it up and could really use a difference maker to sign in February. I expect Willard to step into one of the starting positions. He played well at times when given a chance this year. Beasley might be able to come in and play early.

- Next concern has to be WR. Losing Ford hurts. We need some of the younger guys to become players like Marquan Jones and Jaron Brown. Both showed flashes, but didn't get many opportunities. Hopkins should help right away. Dye will be the go to guy early based on how he improved.

AndersonTiger 12-10-2009 02:39 PM

Re: Concerns for 2010
Biggest concerns are definitely WR and LB. I am also concerned about TE depth.

Also concerned about depth at OT. More for the future I guess.

mezmrin 12-10-2009 02:58 PM

Re: Concerns for 2010
qb depth

DeathValleyMike 12-10-2009 10:34 PM

Re: Concerns for 2010
1-LB play was hideous from game 1 through the ACCCG !
Every QB we faced (starting with MTSU) ran the ball up the middle at will . Our LBs (especially MLB) was out of position on almost every play up the middle this year.

2- Everyone seems to be on board with coach Steele and his halftime adjustments . But I saw no adjustments at all through 13 games against the run.......none !

3-WR .
One thing that concerns me about this staff is the fact that they made no inroads into developing a #1 OR #2 receiver this year. Ford was #1 but everyone else made up a hodgepodge at #2 .
We will lose the catches from Palmer, and Spiller as well.

These are the reasons that I think the offense will struggle next year, and if Corinco Hawkins , Johnathan Williams and some bigger MLBs don't step up we will struggle against the run on defense again.

360online 12-11-2009 10:58 AM

Re: Concerns for 2010
#2 WR was the TE this year, that is for sure. Sure Allen will be a strong receiver next year as well, but you are right, the young guys did not get developed this year.

SpillerTime 12-12-2009 09:50 AM

Re: Concerns for 2010
LB is biggest concern for me. Still don't know why we can't get a top LB recruit. We use to be LB U back in the day

AndersonTiger 12-15-2009 01:12 PM

Re: Concerns for 2010
Good point 360. TE depth is also a concern. Guess Diehl plays more there next year.

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