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ClemsonGoose 09-10-2016 08:50 PM

Re: Live from Death Valley - Clemson vs. Troy Thread
There a lot of questions out there to be answered for sure. I think they are worried about getting DW4 hurt and are running him less, same goes for playing at least 4 running backs today. I think the dual headed monster of Deshaun and Wayne Train is what keeps teams guessing. It also get's Deshaun loose when he runs and just frees the offense up. When he is doing that everyone settles down and they don't press so hard to make plays, the plays come when they get in the groove the next thing you know 80, 85, 90 + plays have happened.

Played a lot people today as well. Would have liked to play them with a huge lead but still played a lot of guys.

TigerFaninArkansas 09-10-2016 11:16 PM

Re: Live from Death Valley - Clemson vs. Troy Thread

Originally Posted by Qualk (Post 380476)
I'm not convinced Clemson "should" drop in the polls. Look around the country.

Ohio State is struggling with Tulsa, basically the same way Clemson was around halftime with Troy. Should they drop too?

Some teams in the top 10 actually lose games sometimes. Shouldn't they drop before teams that win, at least most of the time?

Florida State played half an FCS team today. Should they drop just because they didn't win by 100?

It's not like everyone else is going out there and lighting the world on fire while Clemson looks like garbage. Some perspective is really important here.

Not sure what you're smoking here. The rest of the top 10 except Georgia looked way better than Clemson against similar competition. You've gotta get the orange colored glasses off. Clemson did play a lot of players and the team has played a very vanilla offense and defense. That's the only potential silver lining here. But Clemson looks like a middle-tier ACC team right now.

Tiger80 09-10-2016 11:38 PM

Re: Live from Death Valley - Clemson vs. Troy Thread

Originally Posted by Qualk (Post 380498)
You ever set a standard and fail to meet it? No one is suggesting Clemson played great today or that such a performance would be acceptable as "best". I just think they fell short.

Today was more than simply falling short. They looked bad. Our 2016 offense was expected to be spectacular. It was suggested by many it would better than the 2015 team. In 2016, we have averaged 24.5 points per game. That is mediocre.

I am hopeful things will be corrected but I am very concerned with our O-line. I'm not sure that is an easy fix.

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