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Joe21 06-12-2015 06:20 PM

Bicentennial Minute #2
I believe this was the first one I did. Bill Foster had recently been named head basketball coach at Clemson and the Tigers were on probation. Foster was speaking to the Clemson Lions Club that night so you will see the connection. The date was Nov. 13, 1975. After the meeting, Foster asked me to send him a copy, which I did.

************************************************** *

200 years ago in Highpost, South Carolina, a barrel nailed high to the barn door owned by Foster Dribble collapsed and fell to the ground. Only the metal hoop remained attached to the door. Foster Dribble's son, Double, picked up a near-by pumpkin, moved deftly to his right, went high over the hoop and slammed the pumpkin through the circle. Double Dribble became history's first "punkin dunker". But his new-found sport was not to meet with instant success. The pumpkin he dunked was the one his Mother had planned to use for her Thanksgiving pies.

Double Dribble was placed on probation.

And, that's the way it was on Nov. 13, 1775

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