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Robert Thorne MacRae 12-18-2016 10:41 AM

What are the chances?
That Clemson will win the ACC in football again next year?

Clemsonfan1364 12-18-2016 11:01 AM

Re: What are the chances?
We'll be in the mix. I think the defense will be elite. Offensively, replacing Gallman and Watson is going to be hard to do. Probably easier to do with Gallman because we bring back a lot of depth and talent upfront.

FSU will be tough. Louisville loses quite a bit and I'm not convinced they had the depth to withstand some of their losses this year. Who knows what will happen in the Coastal...quite a few teams will be in the mix there.

IsaacCunningham 12-18-2016 03:05 PM

Re: What are the chances?

Tiggershark 12-19-2016 09:33 AM

Re: What are the chances?

Originally Posted by IsaacCunningham (Post 404608)

I think 50% was better than what was predicted this year.

Walhalla2Atlanta 12-19-2016 11:42 AM

Re: What are the chances?
I think the chances are pretty good. FSU should be the only team that can threaten us, but that game is in Death Valley next year. DC is gone and Francois got better as the year went on, but he's no Winston. Our D will be scary good. Feaster will be bigger and better, so that should take some pressure off whomever wins the QB battle.

We reload because we too deep.

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