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Joe21 08-10-2015 10:54 AM

Unisex Restroom
My first experience with a unisex restroom occurred in France during WW2. I was in one of the stalls when someone entered one at my side. Of course I didn't know whether it was a "he" or a "she". It wasn't long before I learned it was a "she" as she began jabbering away. I couldn't understand anything she was saying and I really didn't know to whom her words were directed. One thing a GI learned early on, when you leave camp or are out in public, always have a generous supply of toilet tissue with you. The best place to store it was in our helmet liner. I finally began to understand what she was saying. She asked if I was a GI and if I had some toilet tissue. Most of the natives knew that GIs usually had a supply of toilet tissue. Using my best French, I responded, "oui". I peeled off a generous supply and passed it to her under the partition separating our stalls. For my gentlemanly efforts I received a very cheery, "merci beaucoup". That was my Boy Scout good deed for the day. :D

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