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Gavin Oliver 05-04-2021 01:05 PM

What are the chances
in your opinion, that DJ wins the Heisman this season?

ColaTownTiger 05-04-2021 02:43 PM

Re: What are the chances
I think that it's actually a real possibility due to the lack of backup talent. DJ will be playing a ton and is big enough to hold up to it. With that said, I honestly don't care about the trophy, just bring home the National Championship.

geech72 05-04-2021 05:08 PM

Re: What are the chances
I think it’s actually kinda low because he’s gonna come into the season highly regarded. It doesn’t matter how good of a year you have, it seems like you need to be a surprise to win the Heisman. It’s like winning coach of the year. Dabo or Saban could go 15-0 but the coach of the year award is gonna go to the coach of an 8-5 team that was picked to finish 4th in their division.

Clemsonfan1364 05-04-2021 05:31 PM

Re: What are the chances
Might be pretty good. Our strength is on the outside this year. Ladson, Ngata, Ladson, William's, Allen, Galloway...lots of weapons in the passing game. RB is going to be by committee and the oline isnt going to be dominant enough to be run heavy. I think we'll have to throw a lot more too because we're very limited if something happens to, not a lot of QB run imo.

We have a very high profile game with UGA too. If he turns in a big performance there....the hype will be on.

SSMITH2554 05-04-2021 06:00 PM

Re: What are the chances
I think it depends how well Oklahoma does. They should have Rattler putting up gaudy numbers just like many of their QBs do. Of course B young will get the benefit of being on Bama's team.

CU OL will have to give him enough time to throw the ball, the WRs will have to get open, and most importantly CTE will have to have great game plans that keeps Ds off balance.

Right now, I'd say about 25% chance.

Robert Thorne MacRae 05-05-2021 07:48 AM

Re: What are the chances
I think DJ definitely has a chance because the offense will depend much more on the passing game this year and the WRs will be much better overall.

tigerpawgt 05-05-2021 08:43 AM

Re: What are the chances
I predict by November we will come back to the realization that a Clemson player will not win the Heisman due to several factors working in combination. Regional and national voting bias, Clemson’s playing time policy, and soft schedule during the critical mid September to late October stretch.

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