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Default Eric Mac Lain on what kind of historic run we are looking at for Clemson

From the Packer and Durham Show

Durham: "Clemson has won five straight ACC Championships. What kind of run are we looking at here? Can they double it?"

"It is hard to sit here and say ten straight because that is just mind blowing but when you look at the recruiting, when you look at who is coming in and we can talk about some of those guys when they sign. There is not an end in sight. There are just these unbelievable caliber players year in and year out. I mean there are two wide receivers on the team right now that we have heard a small margin about. You've got Frank Ladson and Ngata, two ballers that are going to be Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross next year. That is just the capabilities that we are going to see from them. It is just unbelievable to see what they have in the tank."
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