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Default Re: How crazy would it have been if Zion had picked Clemson?

I really thought his presence would disrupt the team chemistry. However, given the lack of chemistry early in the season, I think his presence would only have helped. If nothing else, he'd have been another big body to help keep Thomas out of foul trouble.

I think they would have won the NC State, Syracuse, Nebraska, FSU and Creighton games for sure. The way Miss State shot the ball against us, I'm not sure anyone would've beat them that day. The Virginia and Duke games were close early so who knows what might have happened in those games, but they were likely losses. I think they'd have 3 losses instead of 8.

The biggest issue, though, had been the disappearance of Mitchell. If he had been playing the whole season the way he has the past few games, I believe Clemson would have at least 3 more wins.

So Zion would've been worth a few more wins. The main thing that he would've helped is recruiting. More people showing up at the games would have made a bigger statement to future recruits. At this point I think butts in the seats is the number one problem with recruiting to Clemson. And I'm not sure I see that changing anytime soon.
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