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As has been said before, Brownell is much like Tommy Bowden, on the brink of being a really good coach but at what point do you decide that he's never going to get over that hump and actually go above being at or just slightly above average? Another 1-2 wins a year would put that win percentage up over 60% and I don't think many people would be complaining! Plus the NCAA tournament would be a certainty this year.

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After posting this, I got to think how Brownell stacks up with the coaches I remember so that starts around the Cliff Ellis era.

Ellis was 177-128 (.580 pct) overall, 44-74 (.384) in ACC, 5 NIT trips, 3 NCAA runs with a sweet 16. Uconn kept us from the Elite 8

Barnes 74-48 (.607), 28-36 (.438), 1 NIT, 3 NCAAs sweet 16

Shyatt 70-84 (.455), 20-60 (.250), 1 NIT

Purnell 138-90 (.605), 50-62 (.446), 3 NITs, 3 NCAAs

Brownell 168-126 (.571), 76-82 (.481), 2 NITs, 2 NCAAs sweet 16
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