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Originally Posted by Tiggershark View Post
There are things that are positive about Brownell. His love of Clemson is obvious. His desire to run a clean program is commendable. Heck, I even appreciate his basic offensive scheme but it requires players to hit the open shot and with our low percentage of outside shooting it is like forcing a square peg in a round hole. But his lack of emotion toward the officials comes across as a bend over and take it kind of mentality. Like or not, Coach K and Williams let the officials have it when they don't think they are getting a fair call. And by doing so it fires up the crowd which fires up the players which on some nights even intimidates the officials. We are probably a better team now than when Rick Barnes was here. But when he went after Dean Smith, it ignited our fanbase because we were fed up with the Tobacco Road BS. Well, we are still fed up with it. We need someone to speak up for us and our players. And after 10 years, that is just not who Brad Brownell is.

I want a coach that is excitable, who won't back down when he feels like he isn't being given a fair shake. You want to see a packed house, get someone that isn't afraid to let a ref know who Clemson is.
I don’t understand why people keep acting like Brad doesn’t talk to the officials or stand up for his team. He is regularly talking to the refs, and frequently expresses his displeasure with bad calls. Just because he doesn’t get technicals regularly or throw chairs doesn’t mean that he “just takes it.” I’m not sure what some of you expect, but if he had gotten a technical for cursing the refs out yesterday we would’ve given NC State free points and lost by more.

Then people would’ve complained that Brad’s technical cost us the game.
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