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Default Re: If Deshaun would have came back......

Possibly, but I'm not sure he could have done it with the WR group we had last year. While Cain and McCloud were good, I just don't think they were on the level of Ross, Higgins, and Rogers. I felt when they left early that it quite possibly be addition by subtraction and still feel that way. Plus the running game was so much by committee last year and just finding itself. And we still haven't had the TE play like we had with Leggett. Maybe better blocking but missing the pass threat since he left.
The team last year was good without doubt. They won the conference and made the playoffs, but even if Watson had been there, I doubt that he could have remedied that teams short comings. Maybe slightly more competitive with Bama but still not win that match last year as much as I hate to say.
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