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Default Re: Which true freshmen Tiger will make the biggest impact this season?

In my mind there are 6 candidates as follows:
WR Frank Ladson
WR Joseph Ngata
TE Jalyn Lay
DT Tyler Davis
LB Levonta Bentley
CB Andrew Booth

Youíd think Jalyn would be the no-brainer. However, I think our offense will be so prolific this season, we wonít even need to feature the TE. Chalk will play the majority of the TE snaps as a lead blocker or extra protection for TL. Jalyn will get plenty of snaps but I donít see him making a huge impact.

The WR, Levonta, and Booth should receive plenty of snaps as well but with cemented starters ahead of them, I donít know how many will be in meaningful situations (also a reason I didnít list any of the safeties above).

Which leaves us with my selection, Tyler Davis. He has a lot going for him:
- Early enrollee
- Position with little depth
- Starters were injured in spring allowing him more reps
- Rave reviews from coaches and fellow players
By the end of the season, we will look back and be glad this guy joined last years recruiting class. We need someone to help fill the void of Wilkins and Lawrence, and Baby Dex is just the man for the job.
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