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Default Re: Oliver Purnell to Bama Rumors

Yeah Barb and back in the day Broadway Joe and the other big name college players would not pass up the NFL for a startup league just for money. Neither would Dr J and the BB players. Just like politics, sports are about money. Prestige is nice but at the end of the day you go for the bucks.

Originally Posted by cubarb1991 View Post
OP is already paid pretty darn well(1.2)...Roy Williams (1.4). Rick Barnes(1.8)Tubby Smith the highest paid bball coach in the land (2.2) if you want some comparison salaries. TDP, needs to give the man one big mack daddy bonus at the conclusion of the season.

But in the end, I CANNOT see a him leaving the ACC for the SEC....maybe the Big East or another ACC school, but not the SEC...IMHO. However, that doesn't mean that TDP can take that for granted. He needs to let OP know how "valued" he is to Tiger him the money!!
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