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Default Re: Team Recruiting Rankings

I don't know the site you are referencing...but your question got me thinking...

Where would our class rank IF we had larger numbers?

So I went to the 247 class calculator (lots of fun to play with, btw) and added a couple of names to see what would happen.

If we were to add 4 names to our commit list: Shaq Smith, Overton, Simpson (all reasonable additions based on what we are hearing/reading around here) and Blue (since we didn't get Edwards) just for fun..

the calculator bumps us up to the 3rd ranked class overall (255.25 score)...with 17 commits...same # of commits as OSU, LSU, FSU and Bama (ranked 1, 2, 4, & 5) in that scenario...

so although it doesn't give you the website you are looking for, it does provide some fun data!
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