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Default Re: Letís not take what Clemson Football has accomplished for granted

And while you are bush-bird chasing, do you not ever take the time to appreciate the bird in your hand?

I'm sorry 80, this mentality comes off as spoiled and entitled. The moral of the article was to appreciate how far the team has come. It was not "look at us, we've reached the finish line and we're the best"

I have no doubt Dabo and his team are heartbroken about the way the season ended. I have no doubt there will be "tweaks" to the system- whether they be public (like a coaching change) or private (changing two practice periods a week to special teams only). Dabo doesn't like losing, and implying that he does because Coach X or Coach Y isn't fired is spoiled and selfish behavior.

Make no mistake, I want the goals of this program to be high. Being critical of every practice and game decision for 364 days is not the way I prefer to go about it.
Eric Mac Lain once said ďTheir heart and soul is poured into this programĒ talking about Clemson fans Indeed it is
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