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Default Chickens in the Back Yard

Clemson is going to allow chickens in our back yards and I'm sure there will be lots of law suits arising because roosters will not be allowed. I suppose we could call this the "hen party" law. Now, if the Clemson Univ. poultry department can develop a rooster that does not crow before 11:00 AM or after 3:00 PM. a rooster may be granted residential rights in our back yards. With a rooster around to maintain order, a happy hen should be a more productive layer.

When I finish a meal and look at the carpet around my chair I see more crumbs than all the food that went into my mouth. Allowing the hens to come inside and clean up the crumbs is a plus/plus. The carpet is cleaned and it helps reduce the cost of chicken feed.

Those eggs from our back yard are really good but a little bacon or sausage to go with those eggs would make a meal fit for a king. We could petition the city to allow the home owner to raise one pig in our back yards. The sale of chicken and hog manure should produce enough money so we could add a cow and have our own milk supply and more manure to sell. All that manure will make the grass grow but another opportunity awaits the thinking man or woman. No more having to mow the grass or hire it done. Buy a few goats and they will take care of the grass and weeds. Most homes are located on about one-half acre with plenty of lawn. Hire out the goats to trim the grass. We're talking big money now. All it takes is a little bit of that American "know how".
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