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Default Re: Three Players Suspended for Orange Bowl

Originally Posted by Tommy83 View Post
You guys that want to make excuses for the players need to give it a rest. All of us have been 18 and faced decisions. I wasn't an athlete but I had decisions to make as well. We all knew the consequences of getting caught cheating on a final. So, in my case at least, I decided it wasn't worth the risk and did it the right way. No different a decision than Ammon, Jay Jay, and Deon made.

I hope all three use this as a life-defining moment and become better young men for it. Bottom line though: All three knew the consequences of their choices before hand and still chose the wrong path. They are responsible for any punishment they receive.
It isn't a matter of making excuses. It is recognizing that these young men do not have a fully formed prefrontal cortex. Do you know what the prefrontal cortex deals with? Decision making. So kids are going to make mistakes. It is going to happen.

Just because you didn't make a mistake doesn't mean you should expect perfection from all the players on the team. If you have that expectation, you are always going to be disappointed.

They made mistakes. Dabo is right, they have to live with the consequences and lose one of the best opportunities of their life.
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