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Default Re: Haven't seen it mentioned (Closing Fike Pool)

Hadn't heard this. Former swimmer here. Won't go into that here now. Is there another ACC/SEC school that does not have a pool on campus? I have been to other campuses. student centers have pools. And lot's of other amenities. U of SC has a couple of pools. The Thurmond center is pretty amazing. Clemson has nothing like that to my knowledge.

In the scheme of things, keeping an existing 8 lane, 25 yard pool open is not that big of a cost. There was an issue years ago, the last year they had the swim team, but I thought they fixed that.

Olympic sized pools are 50 meters in length. Our pool is 25 yards which is what NCAA competes in. Short course in fall/winter is 25 yards. Long course during summer in 50 meter pools. There are larger meets, international meets that compete in the 50 meter pool during the short course season.
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