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Default Re: Team Recruiting Rankings

Originally Posted by dgpegues View Post
I agree to an extent with what you're saying about ratings not being the end all, be all, but this is all I have. I wish I had time to watch film on all of the recruits out there and evaluate them myself (not to mention I wish I had the football intelligence also).

You're absolutely correct when it comes to taking a big class and how that is somehow better than a smaller, more elite one...that's the purpose of this thread, to rank classes based on quality, not quantity.

Regardless, the player development track record at Clemson does speak for itself. The way I look at it is a lot like most degrees...kind of just shows how trainable you are. My hopes are, you put good into the system, you get better matter what level you start.
I think we agree. At least my view is you can generalize about ratings. And looking at player "star" averages is maybe the best way to do that. Team ratings are almost a joke. I remember last year (2015 class) noticing that WVU had pretty high ratings because of a massive class - was it 31 kids? But they only had three 4 star picks and everybody else was 3 star or lower. But somehow they ranked higher than teams with 4 and 5 star picks just because of.....well, quantity.

Generally, if teams are routinely getting mostly 3, 4, and 5 star players, and are generally getting high class ratings, that is generally good. Generally. But thinking a team that ranks 5th one year is necessarily doing better than a team ranking 10th is silly. At least to me. Generally.
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