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Originally Posted by Robert Thorne MacRae View Post
Seeing a report that Georgia RB Todd Gurley is done for year after tearing his ACL yesterday.

Probably should fire the Georgia Strength coach and coach should have known not to run him so much...
I do know this though-its tough when you have guys who are sure fire next level talents in terms of using them late in games when the outcome is in doubt. That carry happened with 5 minutes left in the game when it was over, and Gurley already had plenty of touches to get the rust off and he could not have been in game shape. I really think that for guys who are in their last year before they head to the NFL (if they are talented juniors as well), you have to err on the side of protecting them.

One of the things that really infuriated me when we didn't bury UNC when we had the chance (we brought Cole in and killed our momentum in the first half), is we had defensive starters out there late in the game. Seeing guys like 3 and 50 and 42 and 93 and 7 out there when they shouldn't need to be makes me nervous.

A lot of NFL scouts said that the Gurley suspension was the best thing for him to save wear and tear, particularly if he was ruled out for the year. Hate it for him and all of the players who are injured. But particularly at a position like RB where you really stress the knees more than any other and need them to be very functional and healthy to be effective, and you have NFL potential.
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