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Beyond anything, beyond Title IX, beyond the 11.7, beyond big school endowments and beyond common market the one thing that is Monte's fault is the bonehead mistakes that has cost this team multiple games. Base running blunders, the catching of routine pop flies, throwing the damn ball and so many more. It's the fundamentals of the game that has cost Clemson more games than being just out talented. Against Miami Clemson was just out matched talent wise. i know years ago LeCroy would take about them trying to work on the deficits with the program in recruiting. Not sure what that entails but he did say it would take time. There's a reason Clemson baseball has fallen off consistently since 2009. Yes they have had good years but haven't been Omaha good since around 2009. Clemson is in the talk when it comes to regionals but haven't been in the talk when it comes to Omaha and that has to change quick and in a hurry.
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