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Default John Fulton Interiew

Will you be at Clemson this weekend for Junior Day?

"I don't know. I probably will."

How many offers do you have now?br>
"I have eight offers now. I have offers from Florida, Georgia, Clemson, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, NC State and Maryland."

Do you have a leader right now?

"I don't have a leader. I haven't taken all of my visits yet."

Where have you already visited?

"I have been to Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina."

What did you like best about the visits?

"Georgia has a family feeling. Alabama has more of a home feeling. South Carolina is closer to home."

Do you and your teammate Dexter Morant talk about playing together?

"We will most likely play together. He really likes Clemson."

When do you plan to make a decision?

"I am going to graduate in December and enroll early so I will make my decision then."

What will be important when you make your decision?

"I am looking for an opportunity to play. I will look at academics and the atmosphere."
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