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Default Re: Should Alabama send Skalski a Thanks You note?

Originally Posted by TX Tiger View Post
Yep Skalski proved prominent in the OSU game plan. Now is believe Bama would have beaten a full speed Fields but a 75% Fields had no chance.

In other news, OSUs inability to keep their players from getting COVID hasn’t been mentioned enough. Bama and Clemson largely went through the season without having COVID outbreaks yet OSU had what 3? Part of that is probably because Bama/Clemson had outbreaks over the summer but it is clear that OSU’s protocols were ineffective.
Your point about the summer is probably key...I don't know the full numbers, but I think we had a decent number catch it in the summer, which helped keep our numbers lower during the season. Not that that excludes OSU from a little judgement of their COVID policies, but it isn't a pure apples-apples comparison between different teams.
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