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Post Re: 5-star decommits from South Carolina

Originally Posted by Tiggershark View Post
Lol. Had to go over to the Big Spur to see what they were saying. Surprisingly, only about half are totally delusional. My favorites:

"He was going to have to sit behind Doty for two years anyway."

"Hope he isn't chasing Bobo. Bobo has been at 4 locations over the past 8 years." Poster failed to remember that their new OC coordinator has been at 13 locations in the past 20 years.

And finally, "Once he sees what we put on the field, he will be back."
They might only have about half that are totally delusional, but their measure of totally is a 15 on a ten-point scale. In fact, they would have to change the scale to account for the level of delusion amount some Gamecocks fans.
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