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Post Re: Letís not take what Clemson Football has accomplished for granted

I appreciate a lot of things, but I absolutely refuse to apologize for wanting more. If Best is the Standard then we sure as hell should be upset we did not win the semi-final game and that we lost it in such a dismal fashion. The loss was not a "tough break" or "they made one more play than we did" kind of thing. It was a old-fashioned ass-kicking. It poked holes in the notion that we have arrived. When you have arrived, you win six championships in 12 years. Otherwise, you have an obligation to figure out what you need to do to get better and better and better.

ďThe challenge is always when you have success, people tend to forget what made them successful, ai-ight?Ē Saban said. ďAnd complacency creates a blatant disregard for doing the right things or continuing to do the things that you've always done to help you be successful.
- Nick Saban, July 11, 2016
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