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Default Re: Letís not take what Clemson Football has accomplished for granted

Itís not about proclaiming the sky is falling. Clemson dominated Bama for the crown. Since then weíve been clobbered in the CFP, including the OhioSt game two years ago where we were two Dobbins dropped passes from being down 28 zip. Clemson survived that game plain and simple.

The healthy debate since the LSU loss has been about whatís not working, where are things needing to improve etc. Bama got clobbered by us, and on Monday they proved that they addressed their issues and are once again at a level above everyone else. I want Clemson to fix the issues and dominate in the CFP again. Seems reasonable to me since Dabo and crew did it before so it can be done again. The recruiting has been excellent on paper so now they need to translate that into domination. To do that Dabo must be willing to examine everything but change only what is not working and keep intact what is working.
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