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Default Re: Letís not take what Clemson Football has accomplished for granted

Originally Posted by tigerpawgt View Post
I have no concerns about Dabo examining his program from top to bottom. Heís an outstanding leader and thatís what they do. I just pointed to recent history that may indicate heís thinking about what needs to be evaluated.

What I do get riled up about is people complaining that a fan message board is somehow the wrong place to express opinions about what we have seen on the field. Airing those thoughts is kind of interesting and I learn some things along the way. Itís not forgetting how much these players and coaches devote to the program (as long personal shots are not taken at individuals). Just a place to have friendly debate.

Iíve read some valid arguments for why the transfer portal could be used by Clemson and if not explored could become a competitive disadvantage. Dabo has essentially voiced similar concerns. He knows it has become disruptive to his philosophy to develop through HS recruiting and player loyalty. He rightly is taking a slow approach because itís a double edged sword.

For me the transfer portal is mostly a secondary concern. Developing the potential of the players already on the roster should be the primary focus.
Opinions are great and make the message board interesting except when they are expressed as fact and given without considering contest.
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