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Default Re: Watson saga far from over

Originally Posted by Tiger80 View Post
I sent it just me or does it seem a bit strange that law enforcement has not charged him with anything?
Honest question though— what’s there to actually charge him with? Even if we take the claims at face value [despite knowing the accusers have been coached to embellish to maximum capacity, if not flat out lie completely], can you actually be charged for “adjusting yourself in such a way that attempts to have a masseuse’s hand brush against your schvantz”?… or for sporting wood during a semi-sensual body rub?… or for dropping your towel during a body-rub session when the rules were most likely not made clear from the outset??

If Deshaun could get charged for any of that or for asking to have his glutes’ region massaged or directing her hands closer to his privates, then probably 25% of all men receiving a massage tomorrow would be charged with a crime, lol. It’s inappropriate for sure, but criminal??… cant see it.
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