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Default So who are we going to end up getting for 17?

OT Trey Smith
WR Ortre Smith

and that's probably it for O?

DE Jordan Williams
DE Malik Herring
DT Corey Bolds
LB Justin Foster
LB Drew Singleton
CB AJ Terrell
CB Jamyest Williams
CB Tre Shaw
S Jeffrey Okudah
S Devon Hunter
S CJ Avery
S Tank Robinson
S Mark Bell

I think it was Robert that commented that we would probably only end up signing 16-19. And we have 11 so far. So I will say we take 8 more. Who's it gonna be?
OT Smith
WR Smith
CB Terrell
LB Singleton
S Okudah
S Hunter
DE Williams
DT Bolds
...would round off this class nicely

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