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Default Re: Could this Clemson team bring home another national championship?

Originally Posted by Tiger80 View Post
At some point Dabo has to figure out that our OL is just not a reliable part of our team from year-to-year. It might annoy folks, but when was the O-line an issue at Alabama other than from injuries?
Iíd like to think Dabo finally decided to make a change at TE coaching due to seeing a lack of development and use within the system, but you have to consider if that was also prompted by negative recruiting against Clemson due to the Pearman controversy. Progress at becoming a strength at Oline should be the criteria, and I donít want to hear about regular season position grading. Those results are highly biased by the level of competition. The non conference games against the likes of Georgia and post season opponents should be the measuring stick for being able to run the ball (by RBs specifically) and QB protection.
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