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Default Re: If Deshaun would have came back......

We probably would've won last year. But, would the power rangers have returned this year after winning 2 in a row? I think Cle and Wilkins would've been gone at least. Big Dex had another year before he could go, though, and maybe Bryant (Austin, that is) would've stayed. We could've still won this year with the talent we have, even without Cle & Wilkins, but I think their leadership, especially Wilkins, pushed this team forward all year long and with TL being a freshman, he leaned on that leadership. So, I think we probably make it back to the Natty this year, but I'm not sure we win it... at least not as easily. Also, keep in mind to win 2 years in a row means we would've beat Bama in the 1st round and they woulda came hungry this year, like we did.

One more thing to note... DW4 tore his ACL in Houston last year. He could've done that at Clemson just as easily. We don't win last year without him as the QB and that was proven.
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