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Default A Strange Feeling

Recently I purchased a cap indicating I was a "WW2 & Korea Veteran" Also on the cap are several ribbons denoting the war theaters. I put the cap on my desk, took a look at the cap and a strange feeling overwhelmed me. It seemed as though a flood of memories flashed before my eyes. The "WW2 & Korea Veteran" wasn't just me, it was the millions of men and women who served during those two wars, many of whom never came home and others who came home with physical and mental injuries. Many of these were my friends and buddies. When I purchased the cap it was only to denote I had served during both wars. In retrospect, that appears to be a selfish or self-serving motive. And then the thought occurred, when I wear that cap, I can truly feel I had the opportunity and privilege to serve with some real heroes. I will wear this cap in their honor.

Over 16 million men and women served in the armed forces during WW2. Only about five percent still survive, many of whom have physical and/or mental problems. If they served during the WW2 hostilities, the youngest veteran would be at least 88. There may a few who enlisted at age less than 18 who would be younger.
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