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Default Re: How crazy would it have been if Zion had picked Clemson?

Originally Posted by SSMITH2554 View Post
Obviously ZION would have been the biggest get and probably ever, even in the future. I am thinking back on others that were once really high on us, only for others to come in and get like Josiah James for class of 19'(Tenn) and Brice Johnson back in 12'(UNC). It's almost like we are a mid-major in basketball recruiting. How long until we can land one of these guys and keep them from getting stolen from another program?
Come on, our recruiting isn't nearly that bad.

For our recruiting to continue to improve, we need to convince recruits of a few things:

1. That Clemson's administration cares about basketball, and isn't just a football school. Like it or not, the perception is that Clemson doesn't care about basketball. That perception was built over the last 100+ years of patting ourselves on the back for being a football school, indirectly resulting in basketball futility.
2. That Clemson's fans care about basketball and will support it well. Players don't want to play in front of apathetic fans who only show up for a few big games and not the others, or who aren't cheering and involved in games.
3. That Clemson competes at a high level.
4. That Clemson is a place to go if you want to play professional basketball.

Regarding #1, the new facilities are evidence that Clemson does care about basketball. However, we must continue to improve facilities, rather than letting these recent upgrades be our only basketball facility enhancements for the next 10-15 years. We also need to make sure our coaching staff is paid well, and has the resources they need to recruit well (e.g., support staff, social media team, etc.).

Regarding #2, I think our fans will support basketball to an extent, but we are still thought of as a fan base that mostly cares about football. This has to change.

Regarding #3, Brownell has shown that our team will compete at a high level. Even in the earlier years under Brownell, when we weren't winning as much as we would've liked, we were extremely competitive. Blowout losses under Brownell are rare. Still, we need to string together 2-3 NCAA Tournament appearances before we are taken seriously. Last year was a huge step in the right direction.

Regarding #4, the better we recruit, the more our players will end up in the NBA. Brownell can point to several recent NBA players, including McDaniels, Blossomgame, and now Grantham. I expect DeVoe to get another shot at the NBA in the not too distant future.

Simply being in the final list of schools for recruits like Zion and Josiah is a step forward. Purnell didn't really recruit that well, other than his one good class. That class was his only one in the top 25, and it turned out to be very overrated. Milton Jennings wasn't a true 5 star, as evidenced by schools like Duke and UNC not wanting him. Noel Johnson was a 4 star, but didn't pan out. Shyatt never recruited at a high level, unless you count Pasha Bains, and he didn't really pan out. Barnes found two diamonds in the rough in Greg Buckner and Terrell McIntyre, but other than that, he didn't have any great recruiting classes at Clemson.

Honestly, the failure to land big time recruits is a main reason why Barnes and Purnell left. Say all you want about rumors of those coaches having affairs and being given ultimatums by their wives to switch jobs, but the reality is that neither recruited at a high level and knew that the talent on their Clemson teams in seasons to come was going to decline. They knew that they had to take another job while they were hot commodities. As easy as it is to blame Shyatt and Brownell for failing to maintain momentum, the reality is that both coaches inherited situations which were pretty poor after their first seasons. Their predecessors knew this.

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