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Default Re: Clemson falls again in AP Poll

Originally Posted by DeathValleyMike View Post
I doubt any remember the post. But this is the exactly what I posted 2 weeks ago when the Tigers fell to #2, and was referred to as Judas!
The ACC is no worse this year than it was last year!

This is an effort for ESPN to support their cash cow conferences.

The writers always echo what ESPN says. And to an extent the coaches do as well. Then the CFP committee echoes what they hear from the entire media!

I think the world of Dabo. ( I donít have a worship shrine like many) but I think heís the best coach in college football right now.

I understand that in many eyes you might be barred from Heaven and sent to Hell if you disagree with Dabo, but if the 2 and 3 deep keep getting most of the second half and Clemson doesnít get the blowout style points, this backups will likely get some playing time in a New Yearís Day bowl as well.

I donít think itís right, but it is what it is. ESPNs monopoly makes the rules, not me.

If the Tigers get left out as an undefeated National Champion it will hurt the chances in the future for Clemson and the ACC!

In the near future donít be surprised if ESPN puts undefeated ACC in the same category as Boise State and UCF.

I donít see why Herbstreit is on the attack so hard either. Maybe he should enroll his kids at Ohio State if he thinks Clemson is so terrible!

Itís a turning point for the Tigers and the entire ACC!
I could write a long response on why many of your points are incorrect but it is not worth the time.

The simple fact is, win all our games and we are in the playoff 100%. If we do not, we deserve our fate.
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