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Default Re: The Insider Report

Originally Posted by irmoanderson View Post
Shut up. He’s one of the best qbs in the country. He’s been going through a little slump but he’s still better in his slump than what 90% of the country has. You sound like a whiny baby complaining that your future #1 pick qb isn’t performing up to your standards. It’s not as cut and dry as “learn and don’t repeat it”, you would probably know this if you made it past rec league. We used to go 6-7, 7-6, 8-4 every year so quit the whining and praise these young men who give you the privilege of cheering on awesome football games and seasons.
This is a message board, where opinions are shared. GFY if you don't like an opinion. Tiger 80 made a valid point about repeating the mistake of running all the way to the sideline and attempting to throw past the sticks. Trevor admitted it was a bad throw the first time, but yet he felt he could complete it a second time. You sound like the bitchy old man that sits behind me at games. If you wish to sway opinions, try making a more persuasive argument.
Eric Mac Lain once said “Their heart and soul is poured into this program” talking about Clemson fans Indeed it is
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