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Default Who Told You to Plow?

Finally decided on the title of the book I'm currently trying to bring to a close. This book will be 100 plus stories of my childhood and the next 93 years, most of which will be humorous. (At least, I hope they will be). The stories will cover several topics and there will be no continuity. Each story is intended to stand alone.

My second book will deal specifically with my service during WW2 and the Korean War. Most of it will be on the humorous side with a few serious stories thrown in.

Getting the best publishing deal is my next objective. If there is enough interest in either or both books, anything in excess of printing costs will be given to some worthwhile organization. I intend to give any profit from the first book to the Church I attended as a youth in Florida. Haven't decided re the second book. Will look at several military support groups. I'll probably give more books away then those actually sold.

I'll keep everyone posted as things progress.

By the way, the subject heading is the title and the first story in the book will answer the question, "WHY".

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