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Default Bicentennial Minute

Most of you are probably too young to have celebrated or remembered the 200th. anniversary of our great country in 1976. One of the major television networks had a daily "And That's The Way it Was" story about some event that had occurred 200 years earlier. I believe it was Shell Oil who sponsored the story.

During that time I prepared my own stories. In looking through some of my old records today I found several of the stories. The following is the story I wrote on Feb. 16, 1976

************************************************** *

Two hundred years ago today in Crabapple, Virginia, Prunella Purpleshutters discovered one of history's greatest truths. Miss Purpleshutters, a young lady of great beauty and generously endowed with the usual feminine attributes, was an early-day angel of mercy. One of her duties in the employ of Dr. A. Ken Payne was to keep a barrel in the patients waiting room filled with bright red apples.

Each day after the last patient had departed, Dr. Payne developed an ache for Prunella and his thoughts turned to fun and games. He would chase Prunella around the office but Prunella always managed to stay a few steps ahead of the doctor. One day as Prunella was running through the waiting room she picked up an apple from the barrel. When seemingly trapped by the amorous doctor, she would hoist her arm containing the apple and dare him to come any closer. There upon, the doctor would stop and make no further attempt to approach her that day.

After two weeks of this daily ritual, Miss Purpleshutters observations led her to this now historic conclusion ---------"AN APPLE A DAY WILL KEEP THE DOCTOR AWAY".

And that's the way it was on Feb. 16, 1776.
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