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Default Re: Haven't seen it mentioned (Closing Fike Pool)

Originally Posted by TX Tiger View Post
I donít think officially cutting swimming was related to Title IX since it created a + in womenís scholarships. From what I recall, the pool was in bad shape and was going to cost a lot to get it fixed (I seem to recall it wasnít an Olympic size pool either but I may be wrong). Personally I think they just didnít want to spend the money to repair the pool and fund the program - scholarships, coaches, travel, etc.

It wasn't a money issue for the pool originally.

When they got rid of the swim team, they also said they were going to close to pool for cost reasons.

I know a booster showed up with a checkbook asking how much it would cost to keep the swim team. They said it wasn't a money thing and rejected the offer from the booster. Said booster has nothing to do with Clemson anymore because she knew they were being dishonest about what and why they were doing what they were doing.

If there are maintenance issues, fix it. Fike actually just spent a HUGE amount of their budget putting new pumps and equipment in just last year.

We will legit be probably the only school in the ACC and SEC without a pool. Makes zero sense.
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