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Default Re: Tony Butler?

Apologies, but I somehow missed this thread...

I did talk about Butler in the new recruiting podcast before the Appalachian State game (LINK).

The gist: Butler was getting ready to take an official visit to Rutgers, which you can read about here from He's still making a decision on Oct. 5.

We'll see what happens.

At first, I thought the Rutgers official seemed to come out of nowhere, but they were in the mix before Clemson was. I wonder if there's some interest in the Big 10 affiliation. But there is some uncertainty with that program.

Arizona State offers the opportunity for early playing time.

Early playing time will probably be tough to earn at Clemson with plenty of bodies back in 2016, and that's assuming Mackensie Alexander isn't back.

Just a gut feeling, but I could be totally offer here, but I think West Virginia has a really good chance. It's a team he liked as a kid. Plus, they've got three seniors and six juniors on this year's roster.

Michigan could be the one if they decide to offer.
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