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Smile Re: arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Originally Posted by mikelongstroke View Post
28 days.

This is the best I have felt since the day before the injury. Sure, my range of motion isn't anywhere in the normal category, but the pain of doing simple things (like button my own pants) is gone. I am also back to driving my manual transmission Honda Civic. (it has a short throw, if you speak stick, don't worry about it). My son's automatic pickup takes more than twice the gas to get to Greenville.

Four weeks. Triple that, and I'll be playing golf again.
Ok- maybe I'll wait until it is warm again

It is always about us (me).
Complaining helps, and as I am a happy hermit, -- will share on this thread.
Unlike Mike, am not much of an athlete. I have done some jogging over the years.
Doing that has caused many problems, so have been to many types of doctors.
I have never needed surgery for my crap, but my Bride has 2 new knees from Blue Ridge Orthopaedics, and can leave me in the dust when we walk.
I blew out an Achilles moving my boat 2 months ago and am just now able to get around again with less pain. For a month just sat on the sofa.

I won the geezer division of the Anderson Turkey Trot in 2017, and as a reward took 2018 off to gain a couple hundred pounds. My goal for 2019 is to return to that race at the age of 73 and challenge the other geezers. That seems unlikely as I am fat at 200lbs and crippled, but it is a goal.
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