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Default Re: arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Go get 'em Oconee

(btw, I'm a Keowee brat myself. Dad was a KHS grad before High Falls was underwater and Keowee Key existed)

I am now over 8 weeks out of surgery. My touchdown signal looks lazy, but it is effective. I have over 50% of my strength back, and decent range of motion.
(decent equates to 70% range of travel as compared to the left arm)

I still have to throw left handed, which looks incredibly awkward. I never had a rocket arm, and I will never throw a football 40 yds in air again- unless I devote myself to ugly southpaw. You win some- you lose some.

The truth is, without cutting that tendon I would still be out of work. At least the care plan got me back to the facility in three weeks instead of six months. That would have been catastrophic, as they (my co-workers) managed to disable half of the machines I am responsible for in the short time I was out.

The surgeon said (on Thurs) that I am on pace with someone who hasn't been an insulin addict for thirty-one years in terms of my recovery. By definition a type 1 diabetic is an addict, because i could not live without my shots. This news about my progress made my day. By spring time, I fully expect to be swinging my clubs again. Victory!!!!!
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