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Originally Posted by TigerRick4U View Post
At the time of his hire, I thought Monte Lee was a home run hire but this team for sure has not met expectations. Yes....he does have obstacles that others do not have and getting rid of the Academic common market did not help. Be that as it may, this team has talent and should be playing better than they are.

On the other side, this is the first "bad" year that Monte has had. i have not written them off yet, but Clemson baseball is hard to watch right now. Monte will be back in 22, but I do think the seat will be a little warm if the team has not improved.
Im on the same wavelength. I do think last year was setting up to play out like this year mainly because hitting was also poor and the schedule was just getting to tougher conference play. We had better and more veteran pitching but depth was still a problem if there had been injuries like Sharpe being out right now, or guys out because of Covid (more likely).

Whats discouraging is that there was optimism after fall development work, but that just has not showed up in the fundamentals of the returning players. Thus, next year should be viewed as make or break for Lee. The trend has been downhill since 18 when the last of the Leggett players departed. How much longer do you give Lee to turn it around? That will be his 7th year. If hes provided more time with continuing decline then for me that says Clemson no longer strives to be excellent in baseball. That makes no sense to me since they have made investments in the facilities over Lees tenure.
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