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Default Re: AP Poll is a joke to Clemson

Originally Posted by BlueCheese View Post
I don't understand why people are still freaking out about the AP. Win out, were in. An undefeated, ACC champion, is not missing the playoffs.

As it stands now:

Bama wins out? They're in
LSU wins out? They're in
Ohio State wins out? They're in
Oklahoma wins out? They're in
Clemson wins out? They're in

At least one of those teams will lose, and most likely 2 or even 3 of them will. Just as long as its not us, we're in.
What if LSU loses to Bama by a touchdown or less in a game of the century hype, which the media will do, and does not lose after that? Do you think it is a guarantee Clemson gets in with that scenario?
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