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Joe, I enjoyed reading your stories. It is a fact that the truth is stranger than fiction. Don't leave us here at TCI. I am sure there are a lot more like me that reads and enjoys and never tells the author how much he liked the post. Will try to do better.

I love Clemson Football. Going on 83 and I remember back to the 40's. At that time, if you were high school age and played on any kind of football squad, you could see the game for .10 cents. I was standing at the gate one Saturday when Carter "Scoop" Latimer, The Greenville News sports editor came by with his typewriter box. He handed me the box and said follow me. I lugged that box to the top of the hill to the press box for him. He game me .50 cents and a lifetime memory. Just like yesterday.

You keep on writing, it is more enjoyable to people that never tell you than do.

Ken Crane, Class of 76. That's another story. 18 years to graduate.
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