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Default Re: Thursday morning recruiting notes

Originally Posted by UpstateTigerFan View Post
Robert and/or Hale,

Any updates out of the Trevor Lawrence camp pertaining to Clemson as of late? I know he has been said to be high on Clemson/UT for a while, but has that changed with the addition of Brice and Johnson for 2017?

Haven't had a chance to get any reactions since those guys committed. The family is very particular with the media and not trying to overload, because he's been on the radar (already) for so long.

But I think he's the type of guy who knows that where ever he goes, there's going to be competition.

Georgia is also serious contender. I would imagine that Alabama and Florida State will be, too. All three of those places offer the pro-style offense that Lawrence would probably prefer to play in.
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