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Default I'm neither solitary nor lonely

however, I sat today at Greenville Memorial while my wife was in surgery for a rather simple process of having her gall bladder removed. Those who know me are well aware of my capability to entertain myself (even if nobody else will admit to getting the joke) Anyway, I was not worried about the process. Those folks were professional in every aspect. They laid out the minimal risks, outlined their plan of action (including backup plans), and were generally 'rah-rah' inspiring.

I felt good about what was going to happen.

Then after 3 hrs of waiting for the surgery to finish, I felt something. Loneliness.
This is not something I am accustomed to feeling. I knew my wife was less than a football field away, and in a life-threatening situation I could cover that distance in 14 seconds, but something was off. Every ounce of me logically knew things would be fine, and Katy would feel better when it was over.

I just don't know why I felt so alone for four hours, in a hospital full of people.

*** for completion sake, the gravel bag formerly know as her gall bladder is out, and she's sleeping without wincing in pain for the first time in ages. She gets to go home tomorrow, hopefully in time to watch her alma mater rip the wufpups a new one
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