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Default Re: arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Good to hear your progress has continued, 80. I'm only a decade behind you in age.

Tomorrow at 3PM will mark 3 weeks out.

Fortunately, I didn't have any rotator cuff damage. Therefore, I didn't get saddled with that sling that looks like you're pinning a pillow to your hip with your elbow.

That said, yesterday was my first day back to work. I went in with every expectation of following orders and taking it easy. After 15 mins of having that sling on, the muscles in my back revolted. The sling left one minute later.

Today was a much better day. The morning began with PT, and not the military kind. That helped, because my therapist attacked any back muscle that showed signs of resistance, with impunity.

At work, anything I needed to be lifted, I delegated. Any wrench that needed to be turned, I instructed. I ordered parts, I planned PMs (that's preventative maintenance operations, if you're unfamiliar), and I diagnosed the problem with a space heater hanging 20 feet from the floor by asking questions to the guy at the top of the big ladder. (induction fan limit switch failure- pressure differential diaphragm style, if you know gas burners). I played my role... maintenance manager.

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